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Preserve Tradition, Promote Creativity

Support the 71st annual Virginia Highlands Festival

$455 raised

$20,000 goal

/ 150


Remember when you couldn't wait to get to the Festival? The parades, the vendor booths, the concerts and dancing... I bet you didn't realize that 70 years have flown by, and now we're heading into our 71st anniversary Festival!

Maybe you came to the Festival with your grandparents. Maybe you come now with your grandkids. Help us preserve the tradition of this great event by donating today.

Your donation helps us pay for the boring parts, so you and your family can enjoy the fun!

Or if you would like to support the fun stuff, you can designate your donation to go to any committee activity you'd like!

We can also process recurring monthly donations, so you can save your cash for Festival finds.

However you can help us, it means the world that you support the work we do to celebrate our art and culture, build community, and support the creative economy of SWVA!